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    Sunday, July 5, 2009

    Princess Doll Cake


    Bufday cake for Sofea Elmyra.. order from her mother (soorrriii my dear.. lupa nk tnyer nama..) for her beloved daughter.. ad hoc order nih... received this order thru iza.. i'm on my way to JB utk p anta kukis sample to my friend Syila.. n sekali p merisik for my cousin kt Felda Waha...

    Sooo pagi2 bake cake.. deco.. nak siapkan before pukul 3.. boleh ker nih...coz majlis kol 4ptg... mlm dh tak smpt.. sbb smpi umah jek dah kol 2 am.... trus tido... alhamdulillah i manage to get it done before 2 pm... Her mother requested for white, pink, purple n green colour...

    Top: 9 1/2 " Princess Doll Cake
    Choc Fudge Cake
    Bottom: 10" Square Cake
    Red Velvet Walnut Cake
    Buttercream Frosting


    On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
    I hope all of your wishes come true.
    May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
    And your birthday be perfect for you!

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Thank you my dear for the order.... Hope u enjoy the cake...

    **Sms from Peah (the mother).. "tq kak.. very cute.. wonderful.. beautiful.. mmg cantik.. ramai yg puji sedap.." tq Peah.. nti order la lagi yea... hihihihhiihi.... ;))

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