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    Sunday, April 4, 2010

    Pot Luck


    Repeat order dari Asliaty Atim.. Kali nih utk pot luck..
     3 set of 6 M Butter Vanilla Cupcake + Choc Chip Filling
    + Buttercream
    30 M Strawberry Cupcakes + Pecan + Buttercream
    + Dome Lid Container

    Thanks As :D

    pssstttt: Sorry As for the next order tak smpt buatkan sbb blackout that nite.. actually sy terlupa about the bila u sms bru sy start bake.. tapi half way bake..blackout.. kesian Dania.. insyaALLAH nti aunty make up to u yea.. really sorry.. so no more verball order yea.. sbb sy nih mmg pelupa.. n that day pulak byk order.. so mmg tak ingt langsung.. sorry yea As..

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