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    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    Selamat Bertunang Azrin Yasmin


    Ordered by Azrin Ramli..

    ooo.. i love doing these.. the colour was so sweet.. i cant take my eyes of it.. hehehe.. sy mmg suka flowery design.. sbb tu sy pandai buat ini shj.. uhuhu.. smpi sy terlupa Azrin ada request lettering to be put.. "Selamat Bertunang Azrin Yasmin".. bila dh siap bru perasan.. tapi kat mana nak letak???? huhuhu... alhamdulillah..dpt green lite dari Azrin.. kata tak yah ubah *sigh* alhamdulillah again..

    the design was from my previous one.. i only change the colours..

    i hope Azrin likes it as much as i loves it..

    16 M Choc Fudge Cupcake
    + Fondant Finishing

    Thanks Azrin..

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