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    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Piano for Shireen


    Repeat order dari Eta.. alhamdulillah.. this time dapat buat kan kek utk Eta.. dh berapa kali terpaksa tolak sbb masa yg tidak mengizinkan.. huhu

    This time she requested piano cake for her niece.. Shireen loves music so much.. the design was given to us..

    Quite a challenging task utk kami.. setelah 2 hari berhempas pulas.. alhamdulillah.. dpt siapkan...most of the work done by iza.. sy cuma buat kek n tolong salut.. heehe..all the detailing was done by her..

    n thank you to the owner of the was a brilliant ideas n design.. 

    ini jg kek yg disalut.. sy paling suka tgk bangku ini..

    9" Red Velvet + Macadamia
    Piano Cake

    Thank u Eta for ur support n trust..

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