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    Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Bouquet of Flowers

    As salam

    Ordered by Shaleen.. 

    Zillion thanks to Shaleen.. for the trust.. all the cakes before this.. she came all the way form Pasir Gudang to pick up herself.. cuma this time her fiance yg dtg pick up.. her fiance dari KL nak balik ke JB.. so singgah ke Seri Medan, Batu Pahat dulu.. to pick up the cakes.. for their hantaran.. seblm2 ni Shaleen order for her BFF.. n this time tiba masa utk Shaleen telah pulaaaaaa.. yeay!!! happy for her.. 

    Alhamdulillah.. selepas 8 jam.. berjaya jg kek2 ini disiapkan.. sampai bengkak2 tangan sy.. huhu.. tak penah bengkak tgh buat kek.. mencatat sejarah..hihi.. apa pun berbaloi sgt.. sbb Shaleen berpuas hati.. 
    5 Miniature Cake
    Cake : 3.5"
    Cake + Fondant : 4.5"
    All Choc Cake
    (min 3 pcs)

    Interested to place ur order or to ask for quotation pls fill in the form..
    and email it to us at

    Thanks ya

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